Leader and Coach Mentoring

If you are:

  • A coach preparing for certification
  • An internal or external business coach
  • A leader who sees the value of using coaching skills in business
  • A team leader who wants team coaching or facilitation
  • A leader interested in implementing a coaching program in your business or organization
  • A coach seeking learning forums and community with other coaches


You have ever wondered:

  • Who will I process this sensitive issue with?
  • If I’m coaching and leading all these individuals, who coaches me?
  • How will I further develop my skills and stay fresh for my clients and future business?
  • How will I get certified and where?
  • How will I know my coaching is working for my clients or employees?
  • What will it take to create a coaching clientele of ideal clients?
  • How will I demonstrate the value of coaching in my business or organization?
  • What about marketing and practice management for myself internally or externally to the organization?
  • How will I measure the ROI and impact of coaching?

The above are needs and typical questions many coaches and leaders have.  Now with Vikki  you can increase your influence within your own environment, maximize your potential, live an active legacy, and achieve success as you define it.

Dedicated to significantly influence, guide, and support coaches and leaders who use coaching skills, Vikki facilitates individual and organizational change from the inside out as she mentors coaches and leaders positioned to make a difference in the quality of life in business and organizations.  With her clients, Vikki jointly maintains a high standard of excellence; integrity; and ethics to influence communication and help improve personal and business relationships – with the intent to advance the caliber and quality of coaching in the business world.

Coach Mentoring supports individuals entering into or actively practicing in professional coaching at any level.  Combining the principles of coaching and mentoring serve as a “jump-start” for your coaching business as well as ongoing support to keep you and your business thriving. Anyone can call themselves a mentor coach; that is, a coach who mentors other coaches.  Vikki has the knowledge, experience, skills, talent and certification as a Professional Mentor Coach since 1998 – and has been a faculty member at a wide variety of coach training schools since 1996.  Her primary focus with coaches is on their authenticity, personal development, coaching skills and business savvy that supports their clients.  Clients see business coaching language put into practice and experience first hand the shifts that they ask their own clients to make. Since coaching is a model for developing a high level of leadership skills, clients develop themselves as leaders and role models as they work with a mentor coach.  Sharing from her years of experience and expertise, Vikki finds that individuals who have a strong foundation and are able to make conscious choices become masterful coaches who are client magnets, attracting clients within and outside of organizations.

Vikki partners with coaches who want:

  • Cutting edge tools, techniques and structures that support coaching in a business context.
  • A confidential and objective sounding board.
  • An environment with readily available resources that support success.
  • To advance their coaching proficiency and competency.
  • To receive honest feedback about coaching and communication styles
  • Assistance in the process and preparation for coaching certification and/or accreditation.

Leadership Mentoring, while similar to coach mentoring, supports leaders to be masterful in alignment with who they are. With her Executive MBA from the University of Washington and her Ph.D. in Coaching and Human Development, Vikki is extremely knowledgable in human technology, communication, and business.

Mentoring Programs and Initiatives designed collaborately with organizations provide mentors and protégés with the foundational skills to build successful relationships and conduct effective mentoring conversations.  Vikki co-creates and customizes programs that are flexible and client-centered.  She also has access to experienced colleagues and the comprehensive resources required for large scale initiatives.

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