Strategic Consulting

Strategic thinking is a special perspective Vikki has on the world at large which allows her to see patterns where others see complexity. From patterns, alternative scenarios are played out with potential obstacles identified through “what if?” questions which result in accurate evaluation of possible options. Using a coach approach to consulting, Vikki facilitates a culture of accountability and commitment with client organizations.

Dr. Vikki Brock and her alliance partners provide strategic consulting and advice to individuals and organizations in a variety of areas, which include:

  • Leadership, Coaching and Mentoring Initiatives
  • 360 degree Assessment and Executive Coaching Process
  • Assessments including Strengthscope, StrengthsFinder, and Myers Briggs Type Indicator
  • Personal Development and Talent Management Programs
  • Integrate Coaching Skills into Your Leadership Culture

We live and work in a fast-paced, changing environment. The one thing that never changes is the requirement for leaders to become more effective. Companies who support their leaders can better respond to the challenges they face by:

  • Supporting departmental and personal growth
  • Creating an environment which values open and honest communication
  • Offering innovative programs to sustain the “edge”
  • Valuing their employees

Companies who succeed are nimble in their management style, stay ahead of their competition and plan accordingly, and are able to make decisions effectively – at the appropriate level. What people want from their workplace today is:

  • To make a contribution and enjoy work
  • To participate in developing organization vision and strategy
  • Freedom to exercise their natural curiosity
  • Permission and encouragement to learn without fear of looking incompetent
  • Support for taking risks and making mistakes and telling the truth without fear of reprisal
  • Ability to practice new learning on the job
  • To be respected and valued
  • Career advancement
  • To work with colleagues they trust and respect in a friendly affirming work environment
  • To be rewarded for thinking and learning, not just doing
  • Ability to control their own work

We partner with you to create supportive internal programs to realize your goals. Through collaborative communication and coaching you can:

  • Align individual values with company goals and objectives
  • Maximize your training dollars
  • Increase productivity
  • Integrate coaching and mentoring skills into your corporate culture
  • Create and support professional development

Who can benefit?

  • Companies who have mastered survival and are committed to thriving
  • Leaders who desire a built-in support system to accomplish departmental and personal goals
  • Departments undergoing organizational challenges
  • Your clients and customers
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