Active Legacy® Program

Active Legacy Logo IconLegacy is for all, not just the old or dying, as we seldom know when our time on earth is over.  No matter what your age, you are living your legacy NOW – whether you are conscious of it or not.

Clients who work best with Vikki are those who wish to consciously live an Active Legacy®. Vikki’s unique process supports individuals and groups to design and live their Active Legacy®.

An Active Legacy®:

  • is created moment-by-moment,
  • through choices and actions,
  • according to values and beliefs.

Active Legacy®is about creating conscious choice and change. Vikki’s iterative approach has been described as partnering with you to “authentically live your Active Legacy® based on the characteristics of presence”, and may include:

    • Establish the foundation – clarify who you are at your core
      • Set expectations, intentions and goals
      • Baseline assessment history and administer assessments
      • Get clarity on beliefs and value systems
      • Connect to individual uniqueness
      • Identify any gaps between who you are and who you want to be
    • Integrate the external – integrate who you are with your environment
      • Define external responsibilities
      • Determine how fully you are living an authentic life
      • Assess level of well-being and life balance
      • Clarify existing legacy
      • Vision desired legacy
    • Take purposeful action – bring who you are to the world
      • Identify possibilities and opportunities to address gaps
      • Create a realistic plan based on intention and focus
      • Determine how you will know you are successful
      • Consciously choose to commit moment-by-moment
      • Ensure a supportive environment
    • Consciously evolve – learn and grow into more flow
      • Evaluate for external success and internal satisfaction
      • Adjust as necessary

Interviewed during the 2012 Future of Work conference in San Luis Obispo, see what Dr. Vikki Brock has to say about Active Legacy®:

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