5E® Process Overview

The 5E process is evolutionary and transformational in nature – it is a journey for the rest of your life. Through a facilitated and structured process that raises your awareness of what you already know, you will become more satisfied with, engaged in, and fulfilled by the life you choose to live. In the Chinese tradition, the system of five phases was used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. We chose five elements to represent the interrelationships between what drives us (practice), what we might be (potential), what we are here on earth to do (purpose), how we manifest that (plan), culminating in our sustainable or evolving core (presence).

This program supports an evolutionary progression to deepening levels of satisfaction, engagement and fulfillment along with the corresponding expansion of presence. The desired outcome of the 5E process is peacefulness, which can be described as sustained fulfillment. The intent of peacefulness is to be in a state of present moment awareness where you can experience calmness, mindfulness, and serenity, as well as being centered and grounded.

5E Process Individual

Another way to view the 5 elements is by the internal and external nature of this work. The first two elements are data heavy and focused internally on becoming aware of who you are. With the definition of your purpose in element 3 you reach the tipping point with the range of possibilities open for you in the external world. The remaining two elements are focused externally on aligning your behavior with who you are.

5E Process Individual 2

Practiced and proven over twenty years and hundreds of clients, these five elements, each one worked separately and in order, are the engine, the fuel, the vehicle itself that will carry you to a more purposeful and prosperous life.

Element Overview

5E0 Launch: Prior to beginning the 5E process, you will participate in a Launch session to establish a foundation for the 5E work and to determine your readiness and willingness to engage successfully in the 5E process. During this Launch session you will understand the origins of the 5E process, commit to the process, and complete a current reality review.

5E1 Practice: In Practice, you establish a foundation for the 5E work through a practice of self-care, determining your readiness and willingness to engage successfully in the 5E process, and becoming aware of the foundational basis from which you live your life. The outcome of the Practice element is expansion of awareness to modify your behavior to get the results that will best serve you. From “I don’t know I don’t know”, to “I know I don’t know”, to “I know I know”. You will gain an understanding of how your values, guiding principles, patterns, habits, standards, and boundaries influence your present behavior, choices and decisions. Through this iterative process you will understand how powerful discernment of these items can be and be ready to transition to the next element.

5E2 Potential: Look at your life to identify key events and people who influenced you, then conduct a job history analysis. Then bring all of your historical test and assessment results together with some new and leading-edge assessment devices for a fresh and surprising look at your life’s work. A series of innovative and reflective exercises will help you discover the vitality and truth that lies in the intersection between what you do best, and what you most love to do.

5E3 Purpose: Use the knowledge you gained in the previous three elements to arrive at a concrete, written statement that expresses the essence of who you are and how you can best manifest that purpose in the working world. This is the transition element between your internal self and externally how you bring all of who you are to the world. Use a number of carefully crafted exercises to discover the myriad ways you can bring your Purpose actively into your life. In this element you will stretch your mind, abandon limiting thoughts and beliefs, and use your muse to explore the exciting and infinite field of possibilities. Next you’ll be guided to conduct a time-tested cost-benefit analysis that will help you clarify how best to bring your purpose into being. In this analysis, you’ll be asked to use both logic and intuition to evaluate the data, review trade-offs, and make choices. Measurable costs in dollars and time will be compared along a continuum of categories to help you determine next steps. This element helps you build a solid bridge to the final three elements.

5E4 Plan: Construct a detailed set of tasks with a timeline for their completion. These will be value-added, purposeful actions leading you to the manifestation of our deepest intention. This is the vehicle that will lead you out of inertia and into momentum. The plan you create will make it possible for you to “go where you are invited.” Over time, practice aligning your actions with the results you’ve gathered, using value-added techniques. This element is about managing your energy. As you move into the final element, it is critical that you are in good condition – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

5E5 Presence: To sustain who you are so you can live more fully aligned in the present, as well as cultivate gratitude and self-honesty, you will focus on what success looks like while actively living your legacy.  An Active Legacy® “is created moment-by-moment, through choices and actions, according to values and beliefs”. This will bring a heightened level of understanding about how you show up in the world; how to stand in your own power. Presence is the evolution of potential aligned to passion.

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