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Mashar Coaching, Training & Consultancy (Kuwait, Raja Al-Laho)

Raja AlLaho

Raja Yousif Al-Laho, Mashar Coaching, Training & Consultancy
Founder, Executive Coach & Mentor

Mashar in Arabic means the Bee hive. We at Mashar believe that each person is full of goodness waiting to be discovered. Our team will help you rediscover your potentials and realize the strength in your organization

Mrs. Raja Al-Laho- ACC is Founder and Partner of Mashar Company for Coaching & Training, – Kuwait. Being a proficient certified coach and trainer, she has intensive experience in providing coaching and training services for managers and executives in the government, banking, telecommunications and oil sectors in Kuwait. Combining the international knowledge with the local culture sense, she successfully managed to lead and direct executives towards their targets and dreams and taking them from where they are to where they want to be.

Mrs. Al-Laho has 20 years of experience in the provision of consultancy, training and studies in the following areas: information management systems and documentation; development of functionality and the related evaluation and development tasks; responsibilities and procedures with motivating employees to perform better through training courses; leadership, changing behavior, motivation, creativity and regulations.

She is a global Accredited Coach ACC from International Coach Federation (ICF), certified Mentor Coach and a certified trainer for Persona Global Tools, certified facilitator for Executive Coach Tools an. She is also an accredited trainer from global organizations including Ethicability consultant (UK).

Raja’ book, co-authored with Christian van Nieuwerburgh, titled “Ershad: The Principles and Practice of Coaching in Islamic Culture, will be published in English by mid-2017. This book is long overdue and critical to the success of multi-cultural coaches who are or desire to coach individuals who are of the Islamic culture. The examples and explanations are clear in explaining the philosophy and spirituality underlying the Islamic culture – intention, piety, supplication, patience, contentment/satisfaction, focus on reality and the present, and so forth. Since Islam provides practical guidance about how Muslims conduct their lives on earth, it is important that coaches understand this practical guidance.

By containing actual text from the Qur’an followed by an example of how this impacts in the coaching relationship provides options for the non-Muslim coach to connect more deeply with the Muslim coachee and be of service in their journey. This book presents the Ershad framework that proposes three elements for effective coaching: skills, conversational process, and coaching way of being. Core to the Ershad framework is the Alignment Wheel, a tool that is used by many coaches with their clients. Unique about the Alignment Wheel is the addressing of four key relationships: beliefs, self, life, and people through the lens of the Qur’an.

For the Muslim or non-Muslim coach, this book is a must read for every coach who believes in weaving coaching into the tapestry of life while pioneering the next stage of human evolution.

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