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Mara Suassuna has written a profound coaching book titled “Coaching Kids” that can be used by parents, teachers, and coaches in the holistic development of children and adolescents. Containing 20 lesson plans as well as a script and series of powerful questions, this book is actually a journal that can be used by the children and adolescents to record their thoughts and progress through the program.  Our children are our future. The coaching process contained in this book by Master Coach Mara Suassuna can be used to support our children to design a future of achievement and growth – and then live into that future.


Mara Suassuna is a Clinical Psychologist and Organizational, CRP 09/2320, Master of Psychology (PUC-Goiás) and PhD in Education from the Universidad Iberoamericana – Mexico, Master Coach by the IBC – Brazilian Institute of Coaching, International Certifications 4 (BCI, GCC, IAC and ECA), works with Self Coaching, Professional Coaching, Executive Coaching and Business Coaching, Profile Analyst Behavioral Assessment and DISC, Company Director Prospects Management and People Development.

Post graduate in Business Administration from FAAP / SP, Specialist in Gerontology and Elderly Health-UFG, author and national speaker.

15 years experience in people management area, in National and Multinational Enterprises.

Acts as Organizational Consultant, deploying Program Development of People, Preparation for Retirement Programs – PPA, operates with outdoor Experiential Training -TEAL, teaches courses, training, lectures, Road Shows, in the different areas: communication, people management, Quality of Life at Work, Employee Care Program Implementation, Conflict Management, Management Development, Motivation, Leadership, Organizational Climate Management, Time Management, Internal Consulting, Selection Skills, Potential Evaluation, Interpersonal Relations, Customer Service customer, Teamwork, Multipliers Training and Training of Teachers, Coaching Groups, Empresa Games, Group Dynamics: Selection and Training

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