Coaching History

Dr. Vikki has long been intrigued by history and genealogy, most recently that of the professional coaching field.  Her Ph.D. dissertation, completed in June 2008, was titled “Grounded Theory of the Roots and Emergence of Coaching.”  Over 170 interviews of key influencers and an extensive literature search culminated in a 693 page document (this includes appendices and references).  View the Chapters, Appendices A-J, and Appendices K-T and References here. Since completing her Ph.D. in June 2008, Vikki speaks internationally and is the foremost subject matter expert on the roots and emergence of the coaching field. Recent presentations and publications include:

Vikki is the former volunteer Director of the History and Archive Division at The Harnisch Foundation, and also the former team lead for the Hall of Fame and Virtual Museum of Coaching at The Coaching Commons (which closed and was arhived December 2010), a project of the Harnisch Foundation. Vikki’s book, Sourcebook of Coaching History, was published in May 2012 and has become an industry standard. The second edition was published April 2014 to correct factual inaccuracies in the first edition. The book is being translated into Portuguese, Spanish, Korean and Chinese. Check out for more on the history of coaching. Check out a 12-minute compilation video from Vikki’s keynote at the NOBCO Conference in the Netherlands on September 22, 2011. Rey Carr’s article The End of Coaching as We Knew It in Peer Resources Bulletin for July 2011 was used as resource material for this presentation.

Vikki was an attendee at the International Coaching Research Forum held at Harvard in September 2009. See what she has to say about the History of Coaching:

Vikki was a keynote speaker at the ICF Brasil event on October 19, 2015 along with her longtime colleagues Amorah Ross and Jay Perry. Below is a flyer from the event:icfbrasil

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