Leaders and Business Professionals

Coaching involves collaborative communication and partnership focused on aligning inherent values while enhancing learning, performance and quality of life.  Leadership or business professional coaching is a one-on-one partnership designed to reach performance, developmental and career goals.  These partnerships, or designed alliances, address the client’s whole life and focus on where the client is now, where they want to go, and how to close the gap.  The agenda is set by the client, who also has the answers.  Weekly or bi-weekly contact can provide a sounding board and strategic partnering, along with powerful facilitation for personal growth, and behavioral and attitudinal change.   The coach is an objective partner who will support and yet challenge views, behaviors and attitudes in a constructive manner.  Above all, the leader and business professional gains an ally whose primary motivation is their success.

Those selected for coaching tend to fall into one of three categories: highly successful “stars” who the company wants fast-tracked to the next level; individuals the company wants to retain because they are vital to the company’s success; and talented individuals who may have a “blind spot” which compromises their overall success. Common to all successful leadership and business professionals coaching relationships is a strong sense of trust, a degree of mutual learning, and an openness/willingness to say what has to be said, or more succinctly, trust, collaboration and integrity.  As with other coaching, the coach is most effective when she can get out of the way of the leader’s learning.  Coaching begins with contracting (developing expectations), followed by assessment and feedback, action plan identification, implementation and evaluation.  The coaching contract can specify phone and/or face-to-face interaction, assessments, shadowing, team activities, co-coaching, etc. The benefits to leaders and business professionals receiving coaching are that coaching:

  • Creates improved performance
  • Produces long lasting results that are integrated into real life and work situations
  • Reduces turnover costs, including training costs for new employees
  • Enables the company to keep and develop highly valuable employees who have industry and company knowledge
  • Demonstrates the company’s values and its willingness to support employee growth

For leaders and business professionals who recognize that business today requires a different kind of leader, a focus on leadership authenticity and active legacy may be desired.  Both are recognized by the hallmarks of inside-out leadership integration – – one effects change on the inside to create change on the outside.  Change on the inside begins with discovering who you are, your strengths, what sustains your energy, your values and beliefs, and much more. Coaching to foster authentic leadership and active legacy includes:

  • Get clear on intention, risks, and rewards of knowing who you are and choosing to be that person
  • Determine gaps (360 degree feedback, shadowing, style assessment, language, leadership profiles)
  • Focused daily actions
  • Inquiry and powerful questions to deepen learning and forward the action
  • Frequent reassessments and feedback
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