EMBA Students and Alumni

The Executive MBA is designed for working professionals who wish to receive a fully accredited MBA within two-years while maintaining full time employment.  Each year an estimated 5,000 men and women from a variety of professional backgrounds–business, doctors, lawyers, not-for- profit–graduate with an MBA through an Executive program from an accredited business school.  The principal objective is targeted to educate executives to assume leadership positions.

The EMBA is a form of professional development that is a truly unique blend of experience, maturity, and the learning process. In addition to professional development, the EMBA is used to identify, recruit, and retain top employees.  Students work full time, attend school full time and for many, manage a family full time.


Executive Coaching and Professional Development includes life-long learning, teaming, career development and other organizational behavior topics.  An executive coaching and professional development thread is common across most EMBA programs.  Students begin building their leadership portfolios before arriving for their first class, take many individual assessment instruments, complete team and individual exercises and prepare a personal development career action plan that is continuously updated.

During the program students grow and mature their leadership skills while they:

  • Balance work and personal commitments with school
  • Strengthen work networks
  • Strategize and apply class lessons at work immediately

Having certified executive coach who is an EMBA alumni by your side during the program will reduce overwhelm, manage expectations, and support a successful outcome as you define it.


Graduates of EMBA programs experience a wide variety of emotions from relief to what’s next “when’s my sabbatical?”.  You are not the same person who entered the program and though your world has also changed, it may or may not embrace the “new and improved” you.  Whether it does or not, you will be facing challenges and opportunities as you adjust to life beyond the EMBA.  Having a certified executive coach who is an EMBA alumni by your side following graduation will support you to take the “new and improved” you to success as you define it.

For those who graduated several (or many in my case) years ago, give yourself an extra boost by having a certified executive coach who is an EMBA alumni partner with you as you define and create your ideal success in the world.

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