Beyond Employee Engagement – The 9 Elements

Just what are the ‘9 Elements”? They are a proprietary process that is evolutionary and transformational in nature – it is a journey for the rest of your life. The 9 elements are:

  1. Practice = internal foundation of who you are – values, guiding principles, patterns, boundaries & standards
  2. Portfolio = assessment work
  3. Potential = energy audit, what you like and dislike doing, our strengths and non-strengths
  4. Purpose = statement declaring what you are here on earth to do
  5. Possibilities = form that purpose can take
  6. Probabilities = values and traits alignment analysis
  7. Plan = phased priorities over time
  8. Performance = sustained energy  flow
  9. Presence = deliverable of beyond engagement

Presence, the ninth element, is the foundational element which evolves through the full integration of the eight other elements. Presence is the level at which a person stands in their own power and effectiveness. Demonstrated through choices and behavior in the present moment, presence is the expression of each individual’s internal alignment with their purpose. For some people the very essence of and key to sustaining presence is gratitude, while for others it is authenticity or something else.

Presence is the foundation of each of these – based internally on intrinsic motivation that is demonstrated externally in your extrinsic behavior. The first four elements are data heavy and focused internally on becoming aware of who you are. With the definition of your purpose in element 4 you reach the tipping point when you move to Element 5 of the range of possibilities open for you in the external world. The remaining four elements are focused externally on aligning your behavior with who you are.

We are using this approach with a group in their second year – and they are going back and looking at each element from their current state of evolution – which deepens their intrinsic motivation and ultimately their presence.

The meta-metrics of these 9 elements are authentic relationships ability to tell the truth and level of trust. Strategic roadmap is from the individual (fully engaging the 9 elements) to the team (with a focus on interpersonal relationships, understanding of self and others) to the organization (knowing how to bring out the potential in others for the benefit of all).

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