Beyond Employee Engagement – Presence

What are the outcomes and deliverables as people move beyond engagement? The overall observable behaviors around knowing someone (or an organization) has gone beyond engagement are demonstrated by their presence which:

  • Determines individual and collective effectiveness.
  • Is the expression of potential meeting processes.
  • Is the natural path to profitability.
  • Is the path to sustainable high performance.
  • Is the key ingredient to a healthy company.
  • Is about personal power and not control.
  • Is about personal accountability.
  • Is our ultimate indicator of authenticity.

It’s about sustainable individual and collective effectiveness;  expression of potential through processes that lead to profitability.

Presence is the foundation of a healthy company.  We talked earlier about personal accountability and power – this is what presence is.

Ultimately, when you are with someone, you are in their presence. What is the presence of the people around you? What is your presence? Bottom-line, it is an indicator of authenticity.

You might be asking yourself ‘what is the relevance of what I am hearing to me and my organization?’

If we bubble it up to a high level, what I have shared in this series is that environment and structures influence behavior. We know this. Even if you are fully intrinsically motivated, if you are working in an environment that doesn’t align with who you are, you will leave.

We also know that raising someone’s awareness allows for conscious choice – this phrase is my definition of coaching. Remember the element purpose? Raising awareness so each is at conscious choice is my purpose in life.

Conscious choice supports intrinsic motivation, which leads to innovation far beyond what you can imagine through external rewards, which in turn impacts the profitability.

To move beyond engagement:

  • Shift from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation
  • Coaching is critical for people to achieve this shift
  • Goal is for people to be self-aware and to have conscious choice

Employees who are engaged in their work and committed to their organizations give companies crucial competitive advantages, including higher productivity and lower employee turnover. Thus it is not surprising that organizations of all sizes and types have invested substantially in policies and practices intended to foster engagement and commitment in their workforce. Yet these efforts have fallen short.

Remember – it is the inside work which will lead to a powerful external presence – and coaching is the way to unleash an individual and organization to beyond engagement.

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