Guiding Statements

Vision        Each individual 1) knows and honors who they are, 2) embraces their strengths and unique authenticity, and 3) has consciously chosen to live life fully in the present moment.

Purpose     Provide a dynamic and confidential environment for people to explore and discover who they are and what they are here to accomplish. Create a collaborative environment where individuals can become self-aware and make an informed decision to become and remain authentic.

Mission      Facilitate authenticity and respectfully provoke people to:

  • Develop a strong sense of self, value systems and life/business direction.
  • Attain success based upon true desires, passions, strengths and natural gifts.
  • Develop the ability to adapt quickly and keep pace with change.
  • Be effortlessly present, consistently happy, and inwardly peaceful.
  • Live responsibly, authentically, and with integrity while being open to new ideas.
  • Maintain a nurturing community and a strong, support network.

 Guiding Principles  
Values are the cornerstone of an authentic life and above all, I honor freedom and authenticity.   In work and life, the following principles guide me:

  •  Anything can happen – – raise awareness to allow for conscious choice.
  • Consciousness creates reality – – whatever is held in thought, manifests.
  •  As within, so without – – what we see is what we are.
  •  There is no time but now and no place but here – – be at peace, trusting the process
  •  Wisdom is power and vulnerability is the key.
  •  Value and honor individuality, beginning with self.
  • Suspend judgment about events, situations, other people, and self – – whatever we resist persists.
  • The most powerful intention we can have is expressed in gratitude
  • Be grateful and stay faithful to yourself – – radical responsibility entails radical self-trust.
  • To live with joy, grace, ease and abundance is our natural way.
  • Release the form, timing, ways and means – – be willing to receive something better.
  • Be authentic in the present moment.
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