vikki-crop.thumbnailDr. Vikki G. Brock has been in private practice as an executive leadership coach and mentor for other coaches since 1995, following a twenty-one year corporate career. She defines coaching as ‘raising awareness, so people are at conscious choice” and is committed to transformation at a global level. One third of her clients are international leaders committed to making a difference in their country.

Her impressive credentials include an Executive MBA, a Ph.D in Coaching and Human Development, ICF Master Coach Certification since 1998, and being a genuinely caring, creative human being. Throughout her university teaching, writing, international speaking, and leadership in the International Coach Federation, Vikki has always emphasized collaboration and inclusion. She published Sourcebook of Coaching History in May 2012.

Examples of Vikki’s creativity include Active Legacy®, a coaching program she developed to help people recognize their behavior is their legacy, and she co-developed the 5E program, an inside out approach to improving authentic presence. The foremost subject matter expert on the roots and emergence of the coaching field, Vikki has been actively involved with governance, accreditation, and credentialing within the International Coach Federation since it’s inception in 1996. She “walks her talk” and enjoys coaching and consulting from her fifty-foot TriStar sailboat in Ventura, California.

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