Live an Active Legacy®

...Be a Courageous Leader

...Create Success By Your Definition


Master Certified Coach (MCC) Dr. Vikki Brock is a skilled coach, consultant, and mentor. She brings the wisdom, experience, and proven processes to move leaders and individuals to higher stages of personal awareness and effectiveness. Employing a multifaceted approach to leadership and individual development, she partners with and respectfully provokes her clients to create authentic strengths-based success from the inside and by their own definition. Contact Vikki if you are ready for success your way.

Clients who work best with Vikki are those who wish to consciously live an Active Legacy®. Vikki's unique process supports individuals and groups to design and live their Active Legacy®.

An Active Legacy®:

  • is created moment-by-moment,
  • through choices and actions,
  • according to values and beliefs.

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Vikki’s coaching is always significant; the shifts I take are often huge. Vikki’s real talent is consistently keeping me focused on the big picture, when the details are so distracting

— Broadcast Director / UK
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